Ankarsrum Assistent Original Sparkling Gold

Ankarsrum Assistent 6230 is a High Quality Stand Mixer know for it strength and durability.  Hand built in Sweden for more than 70 years.This model comes with Chrome panel knobs and a 7 yr warranty on the motor assembly. This dream machine can gently fold one egg-white or mix enough bread to feed a crowd. Though admired for its strength when making bread it does as nice a job mixing cookies and muffins. The expert design means 600 watts of power will provide enough torque to mix 20 cups of flour with no worries of over heating. Available in 13 colors and a large selection of accessories can be purchased separately.  All mixers come with what is shown.

7 year warranty on the motor assembly and 1 year on accessories.

Full refund on unused merchandise returned in original box.

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