Made in Germany with 100% natural pulp from environmental friendly sources only which is free from any chemicals. This wood pulp is produced by pressing fresh spruce wood on rotating stone rollers. Pulp itself are long parallel fibres of cellulose.  The manufacture of wood pulp bannetons (proofing baskets) is a  mixture pulp with water. They are moulded and the water is squeezed out under very high pressure. Resulting is a strong, high quality proofing basket that is easy to clean and environmentally friendly.

Why wood Pulp:

  • better heat absorption is needed as most homebakers do not have a proofing cabinet
  • it is easier to extract the dough as it doesn't stick to the creases of the wood pulp bannetons, unlike those made of cane. 
  • better moisture absorption by the banneton (giving it back to the dough as needed) improves the dough rising.
  • easier cleaning. Occasional cleaning with a hard brush and placing in a low (130C) oven for 45 minutes will keep your basket like new for years to come.
  • 18.5 cm